Why You Should Switch To A Standing Desk

Sitting down at a desk all day has become the latest cause for concern as research suggests that it can lead to a higher risk of cancer, obesity and heart disease. It is recommended that we do one to two hours of exercise per day, but with many of
us spending more time sat at a desk than moving the standing desk is becoming more popular and attractive to office workers. With health benefits ranging from the reducing the risk of obesity, preventing back pain and improving productivity there are many convincing reasons as to why you should switch to a standing desk likeĀ DeskView.

Less Risk of Obesity and Cancer

Evidence has shown that standing increases heart rate and calorie burning. Standing for 8 hours a day can burn up to 400 calories, which does not sound like a lot but over the course of a working week that is 1,200 extra calories but then those
who sit at their desk for five days a week. Additionally, a standing desk can lead to a more health-focused mindset, being aware of the health benefits of standing whilst working can often lead to healthier food consumption, reducing the risk of obesity and cancer.

Less Risk of Back Pain

Standing desks encourage good posture and stop you from slouching in a chair. Many office workers complain of sore backs and difficulties sitting up straight due to too many hours sat down. Standing encourages you to stretch out your back and to
regularly move so that your muscles can loosen up, reducing the risk of pain or discomfort. While standing may reduce back pain, some report pain in their feet from standing, but this can be combated with comfortable shoes or a standing

Better Quality of Sleep

Being on your feet all day burns an enormous amount of energy compared to sitting, and even compared to those who walk or run on their lunch break. Combine 8 hours of standing, a walk around the block at lunch and an hour gym session after work
and you will see your quality of sleep improve significantly from being more active.

Increased Productivity

Sitting can cause the brain to slow down and decrease its levels of productivity, making procrastination more likely. Users of a standing desk have claimed that they feel more productive, as it eliminates the cognitive battle of deciding whether heading to the printer or to ask a colleague a question is worth getting up from their chair.

Although a standing desk might seem strange, uncomfortable and an inconvenience there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there are numerous health benefits associated with switching to a standing desk. These health benefits not only improve the quality of your life in the long term but they can make a working day seem like a more positive experience when there are health benefits associated to working at a desk rather than leaving work feeling stiff and drowsy. Those who have actively switched to a standing desk have claimed improvements in their posture, the reduction of back pain and increased productivity.