What Makes the Artix 7 So Good that You Should Get Yourself One?

Artix 7 powered devices are known to deliver the most optimized transceivers in the industry notable for its high performance but lowest in power consumption. It is created to perfectly fit applications that are cost-sensitive but require high-end features. Considered as the leader in cost-optimized performance in the industry, it is utilized in most categories of performance such as memory interfaces, signal processing, logic fabric, LVDS I/O, embedded memory, and particularly, transceivers.

As it is considered as the best in performance as well as bandwidth specifically made for cost-sensitive markets, there are a lot of reasons why Artix 7 is so good you’d want to get yourself one. Instead of high-power and high-performance process for PCs or those lower-powered process meant for mobile phones, this was created to meet the requirements of most programmable devices. Thus, providing a process technology with the balanced combination of power savings and performance: http://www.directics.com/parts/z0803606lmb.

Why Artix 7 Easily Caught the Attention of Its Target Market

Not all process technologies are highly appreciated in their target market at the shortest period of time. However, the Artix 7 easily caught the attention of its target market as it offered what is really needed. The design meets the need to run programmable devices at high performance without worrying about extreme costs brought by high power consumption. On the other hand, certain designs with strict requirements on power can still attain its high performance relatively.

Ultimately, it redefined the cost-sensitive solutions in cutting total power consumption in half. Designers can take advantage of its ability in leveraging twice the usual logic density without going over their power budget. It is also the best for products requiring performance-per-watt such as military radios, portable medical equipment, and other compact wireless devices.

Speed Grades Available Under Artix 7

The Artix 7 family is available in various speed grades. You can choose from -3 to -2L with -3 as the option for devices requiring highest performance. On the other hand, -2L and -1L devices are meant for those with lower maximum requirements for static power. These are also meant for applications that operational for lower dynamic power at lower core voltages.

Features and Characteristics

Artix 7 has DC and AC features specified in industrial, commercial, extended, military, and expanded temperature ranges. Unless the range of the operating temperature is noted, the electrical parameters of Artix 7 are similar for certain speed grade like the -1M speed grade characteristics for a military device with the -1C speed grade of a commercial device.

Other notable features for the Artix 7 are having a programmable system combination and the increase in system performance. It also has its design productivity accelerated, which makes optimized architecture, IP, and comprehensive tools scalable.

Applications of the Artix 7 Family

With the features and characteristics mentioned, you can use Artix 7 for various applications. It can be used for a low-cost ultrasound, battery-powered radios that are software-defined, programmable logic controllers, machine-vision multi-protocol cameras, and more.

For you to get quality and authentic Artix 7, it is best that you contact a legit supplier that can provide only the genuine product. Take time to search for a legit supplier to ensure that you can get all the benefits of its high performance and low-cost technology.