What is a Beard Trimmer

It is true that men do not spend as much time grooming themselves as women. But that does not mean they should let themselves go. Looking presentable is important for both men and women. This is why it is just as important for men to have grooming kit on their part of the bathroom.

The most common form of grooming in men involves the constant removal of head and facial hair/beard. To do this they use what is known as a body or beard trimmer likeĀ http://beardcareshop.com/philips-norelco-beard-trimmer-series-7200/.

To better appreciate what this tool can do, it is first important to understand what it is. This piece of information is valuable as it will make it easier for prospect buyers to identify this tool.

== Description ==

It is an electronic device with either a power cord or none. In terms of weight, most of them weigh less than 10 ounces with an average length of 8 inches. They come in many colors and design all depending on the manufacturer specifications.

Other features to note on this device are:

* Power button

* Cutting Mechanism/ Blades

The power button is used to switch the trimmer on and off when it is being used. The adjustable blades are the ones that do the cutting and trimming. They are most commonly identified by their metallic silver color.

== How to use the trimmer ==

A beard trimmer is used primarily to remove hair (shave). You can use it to remove facial hair/ beard, armpit, head and body hair including pubic hair.

Other than removing the hair completely, you can use it to create different styles on your head such as a maw hawk. You can also make fancy beard creations such as a goatee or imperial beard.

== Benefits of using a trimmer ==

Because it has got adjustable blades, you can adjust the growth of your beard or head hair. Not all men like bald heads. With this smart feature you can move the device all over your head without removing all the hair.

Some trimmers are so compact that you can use them to cut hair inside your nostrils and ears including trimming your eyebrows without harming yourself.

Their portable size is also another great feature. This means you can use them almost anywhere you go. In the event that you could not get a morning trim because you were running late, if you get some free time at work you can go to the bathroom for a quick cut.

== Drawbacks of Using a Trimmer ==

The thickness and design of the trimmer blades are only able to cut the hair at a certain length. Not to say they will fail to remove it completely. This only means you will have to turn the trimmer around and shave the whole area for the second time. This means you will most likely take longer to completely remove hair.

This grooming tool seems like a valuable thing to have in your inventory. It can save you time and money and leave you looking presentable every time. It is true than men do not spend as much time as women grooming themselves. That does not mean it is not as important to them.