The Stress of Moving Home

Moving homes can be a traumatic experience and are often cited up there with bereavement and divorce as some of the worst stress that a person can experience during their lifetime.

The whole process from looking for a new house, selling your own home and dealing with all the paperwork and red tape involved can be bad enough but then you have to also deal with moving from a place you have called home and that you have lived in and most possibly loved for many years.

Sometimes the reason for the move is to downsize. This often occurs when children have moved out of the family home, and suddenly it seems a much bigger place than you ever remember. You may have been waiting for some peace for some time, but it is still a bizarre and sometimes empty feeling when the kids leave home and become independent. These larger properties are also usually more expensive to run, so it is natural to want to move to a smaller property by using a mail address change service:

This in itself though, brings problems. If you are moving to a smaller house, you will find that you are likely to have accumulated a lot of furniture and other fittings that you simply won’t have room for. Of course, it is worth sorting through this and selling anything that you feel may make a little extra money. However, you are still likely to be left with an awful lot of ‘stuff’ that nobody wants and that you have no real need for.

The instinctive thing to do is often to put it into storage ‘just in case,’ but this is a perfect opportunity to have a good clear out. You can hire a skip from a waste management company who will take your unwanted goods away leaving you with much more freedom in your new home.

With all of your excess junk out of the way, you will find that packing and moving are less stressful. However, make sure to pack the tea bags and kettle last of all as you may need these as soon as you get to your new home. Nothing beats a nice cuppa to help you to relax.

If you were buying a home, you would be paying trash and sewer charges, you most likely never paid them before if you were renting. Also, your renter’s insurance will change to homeowners insurance which will cost more. How about appliances, there is a chance you never bought them before; if you rented lots of rental homes supplied the appliances you needed.

I remember moving into a home about two years ago, it was a rental, but it did not have all appliances, and because I was so used to having everything I needed when I looked at the home and signed the paperwork, somehow I didn’t realize there was no refrigerator! I don’t even know how that can happen, but there we were, 1st day in the house, and realized there was no fridge, we had not saved for it and were searching ways to buy one without using credit.

So, anything can happen, fees, appliances, increased bills, you just never know, so be more prepared than you think you need to be, and hopefully, your move will be a smooth one!