The Cost of Homes in Florida

When looking for a place to live in, it is important to do an exploration of desirable places to buy a home basing on their values, ownership rates, and the cost of housing, trends in real estate and also the property taxes. Above all these is afford-ability of the home; this isn’t necessarily the cheap housing options. It makes an indication of the affordable cost of living together with the improved living standard. Florida which is commonly known as a sunshine state is a popular destination for retirees for a reason. The state was initially hit hard by the housing market crash which saw it suffer a foreclosure of the highest rate and home values taking a dive. However, it is recovering as explained below and at

The cost of homes 

The median home value in Florida is two hundred and seventeen thousands, three hundred dollars. These values have however risen by seven percent over the past few years. There is also a prediction that the value will continue rising at a rate of two percent within the next few years. These costs are as a result of the following factors:

i. Taxes

As compared to the rest of the states, Florida is considered low-taxed with an average tax rate of one point one percent. Even though this is the case, there is no income tax in the state. It is for this reason that most people prefer to spend their golden years there. It is however saddening to affirm that people living in this state pay the highest gas taxes of around thirty seven cents per gallon. Furthermore, there are special taxes on alcohol inclusive of beer and spirits.

ii. The health-care

Depending on the city that one is living in, the cost of having a primary care physician ranges from ninety six to a hundred and thirty six dollars. Premiums of health insurance rose by seven percent between the last three and four years. Also depending on the plan that one subscribes to, premium prices ranges from two hundred and forty nine dollars to four hundred and eighty seven dollars from the catastrophic plan to the gold plan respectively.

iii. Food and utilities

It is common that the cost of food depends on the kind of food style and the place where one lives. However, it is also true that the average food cost in Florida is still low as compared to other states. For a single adult to maintain a modest and yet adequate standard of living, he or she has to make a monthly food budget of two hundred and seventy one dollars. In as far as the energy prices are concerned; the average electricity bill for one month is a hundred and thirty dollars which is the highest with twelve percent above the national average.


Places where one wishes to live in should be places where he or she finds desirable and worth of living in.This is because home in most cases should be where one’s heart is. The cities of Florida steal a person’s heart.