Keeping your SS Card Safe

A social security card does not use biometric identifiers hence it is very difficult for it to be known whether a person is using his or her number or someone else number. You can’t know whether someone is using his or her number without relying on other documentation. You should not freely give your social security number to anyone. When a dishonest person gets your social security number he or she can use it in many ways. Before giving out your number you should ask yourself; Why is the number needed? What will it be used in? and also What will happen if you refuse to give out?

Below are some of the ways your social security number can be used when it lands in the hands of a dishonest person;

1. A social security number can be used to get more of your personal information. Go to for help.

2. Identity thieves can also use your number to apply for credits in your name. The worst of it is that you cannot know immediately until you start getting calls from unknown creditors who will be demanding payment of goods you never bought. Whenever you realize that someone is using your number to create credits you should visit identifytheftgov and report to them to get a recovery plan.

3. One can use your number to fill a tax return and receive your refund.

How someone can get access to your social security card or number.

1.An identity thief can get your number by stealing your information provided on the unsecured online sites. Some sites may tend to be offering some gifts and they will ask for your number for you to receive a gift. Hackers can also use public wifi to get your personal details as you upload them to the internet. You should avoid using public wifi when logging into websites that are confidential. Another mechanism is phishing where a hacker creates a false website resembling another website. In this case, you should always make sure that you are on the real website before submitting your information.

2. One can steal your wallet or purse. To avoid this you should avoid keeping your social security card in your wallet or purse. You should also not routinely carry your social security card or other documents that show your number.

3. One can also buy your personal information from inside sources. A store employee can be paid to give information that appears when you apply for goods, services or credits.

When your card has been stolen, misplaced and you think someone might be using your number without your knowledge you should think of applying for a new number. Remember you can’t be assigned a new number when there is no evidence that someone is using your number, Having this new number might not solve all your problems since your personal information will still be the same as in the old number. The best way is to avoid giving your number to organizations you aren’t sure that they will keep your information safe and private. Getting a new number is also not a simple task as it involves a lot of procedures. You have to wait for some days to have your new number processed.