Importance of having a good porch

Most of the proficient blueprints for new homes include a porch in the front. It is something that fits into the category of both modern as well as traditional. Depending upon the environment of our new home is going to get constructed; a porch in the front of our house just becomes inevitable. Porch indeed has a lot of importance to it that cannot be confined to any particular category. Those who realized the need of constructing a porch in front of their house sometimes go with the DIY way to have a mediocre box-like structures in front of their houses that neither have good security nor some attractive qualities. The smart ones aim for a perfect porch in front of their houses that adds beauty to the house and at the same time stop prowlers from reaching your main door. The importance of a porch is far more than just beauty and security, as seen at

Here we have compiled a list of some of the notable importance of having a good porch in front of our houses.

· Starting from the basic one, a porch is an extra security for your house. A well-constructed porch with strong doors could make burglars have second thoughts about trying to break into your house since they have to deal with two different doors. The porch door and the main door. Especially if your home is constructed in a secluded place, you are in an immediate need of a private porch.

· A spacious semi-private porch in the front of your house with tall ceiling could be the best place for you to spend your mornings reading the newspaper with a steaming coffee in hand and admire the first rays of the sun.

· A porch would be a suitable place for hanging some attractive garments that would impress any guests that visit your home. Not to mention, the fancy carpets could be an added perk.

· When you desperately want to prevent the warmth inside your house from the shivering cold winds that are trying to break in anytime when the door to your house is opened, you could make use of a well-constructed private porch in which you enter, close the door behind and open the main door to enter the house. That way you could prevent the cold winds from entering your house.

· When you have a large porch you could place some furniture there so that you could enjoy the evening tea along with your family. In fact, a spacious front porch will be the best place for hanging a swing.

· A porch that is slightly raised above ground could enable you to watch your neighborhood, and if you are a mom of school going kids, a raised porch could help you watch them until they cross the street.

· A front porch will also serve as the best mini-garden. You could align flowerpots in your porch that would be a cool sight for anyone who visits your house, and that includes you. Nothing is more welcoming than a greenish front porch when you return home from an exhausting day of office works.

Therefore, the benefits of a good porch are not confined to the points mentioned above. A porch has lots of significance that varies depends upon our mindsets.