Getting the perfect lawn

A perfect-looking lawn begins by choosing the right grass for your lawn which can be achieved by ensuring it is properly maintained. A healthy lawn can be easily noticed, it forms a smooth carpet. Changing everything on how you treat your lawn can help you achieve this. The only simple requirements to have a beautifully growing lawn, is to have fertilizers, water and sunlight.

The place you are located determines the type of grass you will need to grow in your lawn. There are grasses that grow best in cool environment while others in warm. Tall, fine fescue, perennial rye grass and bluegrass does well in cool areas. Grasses that grow in warm environment are zoysia, centipede, Bahia, hybrid and common Bermuda.

The following tips fromĀ will help you maintain your lawn; having the knowledge of when to seed and fertilize your lawn, always having your soil tested to know how best you can improve it, how to plant the grass’ seeds and how best to fertilize your lawn. Always prevent weeds from sprouting out in your lawn. If weeds are already there, try as much as possible to eliminate them.

Mowing frequently and highly will prevent your lawn from having deeply rooted weeds. Your mowing blade should always be kept sharp to cut or trim the grass well. If the blade is frayed, don’t hesitate to sharpen it. Frequency of mowing and the size of your lawn will determine how frequent you will sharpen or replace your blade. Watering frequently and putting nitrogenous fertilizers in your lawn.

Pest Control for Your Lawn
Pests can ruin your lawn leaving it with an ugly look. Poorly maintained lawn attracts and harbors mosquitoes and ticks. These pests sneaks into our homes and causes many disease causing germs. Destruction these pests would cause in your homes will make you not want them and eliminate them. Don’t let pests have a win in your lawn as they will cause serious damage.

Always contact a lawn insect control company to provide you with pest control services in your lawn. Most professional companies control all types of pests. The following pests might invade your lawn;
1. Bugs

There is this type of bug called chinch bugs that like attacking lawn grass especially during warm season. They feed on the grass as they release harmful toxins that damages the grass on your lawn. They are known for leaving brownish or yellowish patches on the leaves of the grass in your lawn.
2. Worms

Army worms are common in warm areas. They feed on the grass especially along the blades. Their invasion can be seen as they leave behind brown patches on the grass.
3. Ants

Fire ants are the common types found in the grass. They can be found throughout the lawn digging underground and forming mounds. They feed on grass seeds underground. They can also sting your kids lying or playing on the grass in your lawn.
4. Grubs

Grubs are beetle’s larvae that attack grass in your lawn during late summer and springs. They feed on grass roots causing damage to your lawn.