Does Social Security Card Application Service make sense?


The Social Security card is a vital form of identification for most people in the United States. The cards were originally created as proof of identity for the government’s Social Security System. The Social Security cards were initially a way for the US government to track contributions to the retirement assistance program. However today the Social Security identification card and number have become an integral part of people’s lives.

The Social Security card is crucial for a person to obtain employment. An employer will use the card to verify a person’s eligibility to work and to report wages to the Internal Revenue Service. The Social Security card is also used in securing a person’s medical records, and medical insurance billing. For many people the the Social Security card is used to track an individual’s credit worthiness. Banks require a person’s Social Security card to verify identity, secure accounts, and to report earnings to the IRS. A school or college may require the Social Security card to verify a potential student’s identity.

There are three types of Social Security cards. The first is the basic card that known by the millions of Citizens and permanent residents. The second type of Social Security card is issued only to people who have permission to live and work in the United States on a temporary basis. The third type of Social Security cards are issued to people who ares residing in the United States but do not have the employment privileges.

The application process for any of theses types of Social Security cards can be complicated and lengthy depending on if it is a new application, a renewal for a lost child’s social security card or damaged Social Security card, or for a name change on an existing Social Security card. The application can be also be made more difficult depending on the applicant’s immigration status, and other variables. The process may be intimidating for some people particularly for those that are elderly, have disabilities or English is not their language of origin.
If the Social Security card application is submitted with incorrect, vague, or inaccurate information the application will be rejected and the process made that much more difficult and time consuming for the applicant. If an application is rejected it can potentially impact a person’s life.

For example: It could delay a person’s education, a rejection could impact a person’s financial accounts, it could result in a person having difficulty finding and keeping employment.

A Social Security card application filling service can allow the applicant to be confident that their application will be submitted to the US Government accurately and in a timely manner. A Social Security card filling service will be sure that a person has all documents that are required by the United Sates Government. The service will guide a person in a step step manner through the entire application process. Once the application is complete and verified for accuracy and the accompanying documents added the Social Security card application is submitted. When using a Social Security card application service an individual can obtain a Social Security card with a minimum of time and effort and be confident that the application will not be rejected.