Clean shave is so 10 years ago, don’t you think?

If you shave completely, then you cannot control the style. Your beard will reappear homogeneously. A razor is pretty tricky to maneuver around those nooks and crannies, over the throat and around your lips. The smart thing to do is to trim the bush, not uproot it. That way, the beard/stubble is maintained well, it doesn’t outgrow, and the best part is you can get your beard exactly like you want it to be! Thankfully, there are better electrically powered tools like philips norelco beard trimmer, to help you plough through this field. They come in many forms and edges, blades and attachments.

Now, the common question is, when should you buy a beard trimmer? In order to understand it, you have to know about its machinations. And don’t worry, they are very safe to use. Trimmers have a wide variety suited for every individual’s need.

For example, do you need to only maintain your beard, or your hair and nose too? You can buy a multi-use trimmer. These have different modes for each part of the human body. Using only one mode for your face, head and body will not only make the trimmer dysfunctional much sooner, it will also not give the same effect for everything. The thickness and layers of facial hair and chest hair are never similar, keep in mind.

Once you have figured out where you would use it, check for the blade composition. Chromium, titanium or stainless steel blades, whether single or dual-edged, are hot in the market! They are safer in comparison, more enduring and easy to manipulate while determining how to cut the beard in exactly the length you want. The comb-like attachments to the head of the trimmer are essential to moderate the length of the blades sticking out. You can modify this length in those trimmers with multiple-length settings.

While we are on the topic of more convenient trimmers, cordless trimmers deserve special mention. The battery inside can be charged in the stand or station, between trimmings. If you want cordless, it is better to buy a fast charging one with a long lasting reserve. Still, if you want corded trimmers for the fear of the battery running out mid-way, we would recommend one with a long cord so that the site of plugging won’t be a problem.

Secondly, waterproof trimmers are easier to handle and clean. A simple washing with water will do. Sometimes you don’t even have to wash the head, only the attachment on top of it.

The cherry-on-top feature of the most convenient trimmer is being lightweight, so you can just take it with you when you are out to travel. Bye bye, bushy face! In this case, a cordless trimmer would work best. Keeping all these factors in mind, only you can decide when exactly you should buy the beard trimmer. The important thing is you have to be interested in keeping a well-shaped beard. If you are someone who travels a lot, or too busy to settle with the foam and razor, then trimmer is the best alternative! Although if you plan on using the trimmer for only one time, it will be money down the drain. Ditto for those who likes their face clean shaved. If you are a trimmer guy, make sure to buy which is long-lasting, and can be easily powered and serviced. Buying a good one at the start may be a bit expensive, but the cost will be worth it. Our advice is to always consider quality over price to make the right decision. Happy trimming!