Advertising Signs for Business

So, you are starting a new business. You got an excellent product to sell. Check. You got a great website. Check. You have an amazing staff to offer great customer service. Check.

However, all that effort will be fruitful only when people get to know your business and your product. Unless, your target audience knows what a great product you have to offer, it’s good for nothing!  This is where advertising comes into the picture!

Advertising can be done using various mediums, and one of the most promising and cost-effective methods is using outdoor advertising signs for business.

These signs can be used by startups to raise their visibility and inform target audience about their launch. Existing businesses can also use them to remind loyal customers about their brand value and stay in their good books.

Here are some of the uses and benefits of using advertising signs for business:


  • Cheaper method of advertisement requiring less investment
  • Outdoor signs are not easy to ignore, so businesses get good visibility
  • It’s a good way to inform about a new product launch or service upgrade
  • Billboards may also include contact information such as phone number and website URL
  • It helps you reach out to a larger and often difficult to reach audience
  • It builds a brand’s loyalty by staying in their customer’s good books
  • It re-enforces the presence and availability of brand

Five common types of advertising signs for business:

  • Sidewalk signs can be used to attract traffic to business by raising the visibility. They usually have a whiteboard to chalkboard surface so the message can frequently be changed.
  • Pylon signs are the tall signs on the highways, and they can be viewed from a distance. The hotels, restaurants and gas stations on the highway use them.
  • Street pole banners are cheap forms of advertising signs that can be attached right to the outdoor lamp posts.
  • Sideline banners are great when advertising for sporting events and they may be placed on the edge of a field, court, or track.
  • Outdoor bulletin sign boards in high-traffic outdoor location are an incredible way to re-assert your business and its presence.

Advertising Signs in Edmonton:

If you own a business in Edmonton Alberta, Canada then one of the best places to install advertising signs is downtown Edmonton. It gets a lot of traffic, so your message will reach out effectively to your target audience. There are several Edmonton signs shops that offer design and printing services for advertising signs for business.