5 Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN with Kodi

Kodi has been very popular in the recent years, and so has its controversies. Kodi is a free and an open source media player that allows users to stream their favorite movies, TV shows and channels free of charge. Many visitors of this application are not sure whether visiting the site is illegal. Since it is an open source application, any content can be posted by anyone, whether legal or illegal. Therefore if you need to visit this site, then you need a VPN to avoid security problems. AVPN will help you connect to Kodi servers through an encrypted server. Here are a few reasons why you need to use a VPN while visiting Kodi – e.g. ExpressVPN on Kodi.

1. You Won’t Have Problems with Your ISP

As seen above, streaming on Kodi is not an appropriate choice as not everything on the site is legal. This can land you into problems with authority for violating and viewing copyright laws in your country. A VPN, therefore, will be of importance if you are looking to stream shows that you are not sure whether they are illegal, thereby protecting you from landing into problems with the authority and your ISP. Since your data is encrypted, it makes it difficult for the ISP to monitor what you are doing over the internet.

2. Viewing over Public Wi-Fi ls Safer

Since you have encrypted the data you are inputting into your device via a VPN, hackers no longer have access to this information. This means that you can watch your favorites movies and TV shows from anywhere regardless of the ISP you are using since your IP address is untraceable.

3. You Can Easily Bypass Internet Censorship

In most cases, Kodi servers are geo-blocked meaning they are only accessible in selected countries. By using a VPN, you can choose to stream with servers of a specific state that have access to these servers. The servers will think you are streaming from these countries and will grant you access to the content accordingly.

4. You Have The Privilege To Access New Releases First.

A VPN will help you get new releases earlier than everyone. For example, if a new movie has been released in the US on a particular day, you can set your VPN to connect to servers in a particular country in Asia, and you can easily watch the movie earlier than the rest, possibly a day earlier.

5. The Use of A VPN ls Legal

Using a VPN in the US and many other countries is entirely legal. The act of using a different IP is allowed by law in many countries and is used by even the biggest companies in the world. Therefore if you are looking into streaming on Kodi and what you are streaming appears illegal, use a VPN. Since VPNs are allowed, you can surf over Kodi servers privately without anyone watching over what you are doing.


You should use a VPN while streaming on Kodi if you want to protect yourself and your data. Not all contents prided on Kodi is legal, and you might accidentally view illegally uploaded contents which might get you into trouble. VPN services allow browsing anonymously, therefore, keeping you safe from hackers and the ISP. It is even more possible to check out more channels that are restricted in your country.