Keeping your SS Card Safe

A social security card does not use biometric identifiers hence it is very difficult for it to be known whether a person is using his or her number or someone else number. You can’t know whether someone is using his or her number without relying on other documentation. You should not freely give your social security number to anyone. When a dishonest person gets your social security number he or she can use it in many ways. Before giving out your number you should ask yourself; Why is the number needed? What will it be used in? and also What will happen if you refuse to give out?

Below are some of the ways your social security number can be used when it lands in the hands of a dishonest person;

1. A social security number can be used to get more of your personal information. Go to for help.

2. Identity thieves can also use your number to apply for credits in your name. The worst of it is that you cannot know immediately until you start getting calls from unknown creditors who will be demanding payment of goods you never bought. Whenever you realize that someone is using your number to create credits you should visit identifytheftgov and report to them to get a recovery plan.

3. One can use your number to fill a tax return and receive your refund.

How someone can get access to your social security card or number.

1.An identity thief can get your number by stealing your information provided on the unsecured online sites. Some sites may tend to be offering some gifts and they will ask for your number for you to receive a gift. Hackers can also use public wifi to get your personal details as you upload them to the internet. You should avoid using public wifi when logging into websites that are confidential. Another mechanism is phishing where a hacker creates a false website resembling another website. In this case, you should always make sure that you are on the real website before submitting your information.

2. One can steal your wallet or purse. To avoid this you should avoid keeping your social security card in your wallet or purse. You should also not routinely carry your social security card or other documents that show your number.

3. One can also buy your personal information from inside sources. A store employee can be paid to give information that appears when you apply for goods, services or credits.

When your card has been stolen, misplaced and you think someone might be using your number without your knowledge you should think of applying for a new number. Remember you can’t be assigned a new number when there is no evidence that someone is using your number, Having this new number might not solve all your problems since your personal information will still be the same as in the old number. The best way is to avoid giving your number to organizations you aren’t sure that they will keep your information safe and private. Getting a new number is also not a simple task as it involves a lot of procedures. You have to wait for some days to have your new number processed.

Forklift maintenance

A warehouse is a building where goods are stored temporarily as they wait to be dispatched to their respective destinations. Goods stored in a warehouse range from small and light luggage to heavy cargo such as motor vehicles that is the reason why you need a forklift in your warehouse. Warehouses are common in shipping and storage companies. For a warehouse to be efficient in its operations it must employ all the necessary equipment, ensure they operated the right way and the facility has a good layout. Forklifts are the essential equipment and primary movers of cargo especially the heavy loads in a warehouse. Major operations in a warehouse involve moving goods from one place to another. If there are delays in doing so, there will be backlogs that will affect the overall operations including the trucking companies. However, those who operate warehouses have to take into considerations various aspects when choosing the right forklift to use in their warehouses. They include;

I. Weight and size of the cargo- different forklifts have different lifting capacities. There are those that lift 10, 20, 30 tons and above.

II. The height of shelves or racks-there is height limits for the different forklifts depending on the height of the columns where the lifting bars move along.

lll. Intended location of use, indoors, outdoors or both-these has to do with the height of your building hence has to ensure the forklift can navigate freely when moving the goods.

Maintenance of a Forklift

Just like cars forklifts need regular servicing to ensure they are in condition and thus being reliable in their work. A poorly maintained one is prone to breakdowns that can cause damages and delays in the operations. Some of the parts that need regular checking include; belts, fluid levels, braking system, tire pressure and conditions, forks and overhead guards.

The maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer should be observed and ensure you buy quality fluids and spare parts that guarantee long-lasting of the engine. A faulty part should be replaced immediately to avoid enormous damage to other parts leading to high repair costs. Since injuries and damages to operators and goods respectively are liabilities, the forklift should always have a valid insurance cover for compensation in case any of risks occur.

Since you need a forklift in your warehouse, you should also be familiar with the safety precautions to observe when using the machine. They should be adhered by all in the work site, the operator, and the other workers. They include;

I. The operator should know and never exceed the lifting capacity of a forklift

ll. Only the authorized personnel should be allowed to operate a forklift

lll. Forks should be lowered when moving to increase stability

IV. Operate in reverse when carrying a large load that obstructs your front view

V. No one should stand on the forks or under them

For an effective and efficient warehouse, forklifts play a vital role as they allow flexibility and speed thus saving time. Just like other machines, they make work easy as some loads are too heavy to use human labor force to move them.