The Importance of a social security card

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number in an XXX-XX-XXXX format. It is issued to every U.S. citizen and eligible US residents who work in the United States. The primary purpose of SSN was to keep track of an individual’s lifetime income for taxation purposes. The social security card which holds the SSN is mainly used for identification (proof of identity).

If you consider the structure of the SSN mentioned earlier you will see that the first three numbers represent the area it was issued, the middle two are group numbers with specific patterns used for administrative purposes and the final four are the serial number ranging from 0001 to 9999. Most people use the same social security card their whole life, the rest have to apply for a replacement SSN usually as a result of identity theft from

Importance of SSN

Your SSN is proof of your identity. In the eyes of the law, no one except the government, your employer and the financial institutions you use has access or knows your SSN. An employer will use an employee’s SSN to report their Social Security wages to the Social Security Administration and to report their income to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) for taxation. In states that have income tax, the employer also uses the SSN to report state income tax.

A Social Security Number can be used to track almost every single aspect of a person’s life like your financial history, emigration status, driving history e.t.c. This is why it is imperative that you protect your social security card at all times. You should never share your whole SSN with anyone else especially online. You can use the last four numbers to identify yourself if needed but not more.

Where you will require SSN

To open an account with a U.S. financial institution.

For the past four decades, the federal government has required financial institutions to have an account holder’s Social Security Number. Banks and other financial institutions use your SSN to check your credit history and report to the Internal Revenue Services.

2. When applying for some types of social benefits programs

Public assistance programs like disability income or unemployment benefits are managed by state or federal agencies who require a Social Security Number to identify individuals and verify their benefit claims.

3. To apply for a federal loan

When applying for a federal loan such as a federal student loan the government uses your social security number to check whether you are eligible for the loan. For example, when applying for a federal student loan a person must have legitimate citizenship or visitation status and they should not be currently defaulting on another federal loan, all these can be verified by checking your social security number.

4. When applying for a drivers license

You have to provide a Social Security Number when applying for a driver’s license.

5. To apply for a passport

According to federal law, you are required to provide an SSN, if you have it, when applying for a U.S. passport. Failure to provide your SSN will lead to a $500 fine.


Never share your SSN with anyone else except the bank, the government, and a legitimate employer. Keep your number private at all times, do not post it online, photocopy your social security card or communicate the number over the phone.

What to do before moving homes

Change is inevitable. Shifting homes to new ones is a norm to most people. You may have various reasons why you move. You may have your job location changed, forcing you to relocate to a new residence. Others may want to uplift their status quo thus moving to a higher standard home. Moving homes can also be possible when one feels to change the environment to break the monotony. Moving homes have been a culture for most people, but having a well-organized plan is essential before relocation.

Are you planning to move home and you have no idea of where to start? Then, no need to freak anymore. Below are simple things you need to do just before moving homes, tips from

-Measure the Reason why you want to move

Here, you are required to measure the strength and weakness of your movement. Are you shifting because you saw your friend moved home too? Always make your own decision based on a genuine and unavoidable circumstance.

-Check on your financial status

Do you have sufficient money to make your home movement successful? Transport is always a major concern when it comes to issues related to shifting homes. Making a rough estimate calculation of the cost will help you to weight your worth and capability to shift.

Note that it is important to estimate a figure inclusion of miscellaneous to cater for any other activity that may arise during movement.

-Make Inquiry from experts who have moved homes before

Accept to learn anyway. There could be challenges that you may come across more so if it’s your first time moving. For instance, how do you adapt to the new environment? What do you dojust after arrival to the new home?

Experts who have done it before can explain to you so that you may not look nai’ve in the whole process.

-Plan how to pack your Boxes and bags

I’m sure this is the most thing people fear doing but it is simple. Knowing what to put in which bag seems tiring and muscle-pulling. Of course, if you’re permanently moving home, then you’ll be required to carry everything that belongs to you.

Avail boxes and Bags that will accommodate your items. Be assured, your when you have the plan in mind, your movement wouldn’t be challenging.

-Notify the authority about your plans to move home

Your personal information is registered according to your physical location, ensure to make applications for changes if you’re so certain about the new home.

Billing details and bank details also are affected by your movement, so need to liaise with the concern authorities to make the changes.

Keep in mind that you’ll keep paying tax to the government, your details are supposed to be kept updated.

-Make your family or friends be aware of your shift

Don’t let your family members or friends search for you after your shift. Make them aware of your new residence plan. This will enhance your relationship with them. They’ll also feel cared.

-Be optimistic about your decision of moving homes

Even though most people are not sure whether their new residence will satisfy their need or not, make a point of thinking it in a positive way. You never know, it could be your golden opportunity to have one of the best residences that surpasses your expectations by far.

In conclusion, I can’t emphasize more, make a right planning and you’ll never go wrong. Reason out ideas. Avoid rushing to making an unthoughtful judgment. Moving homes will come out successful when you have the right prerequisites.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN with Kodi

Kodi has been very popular in the recent years, and so has its controversies. Kodi is a free and an open source media player that allows users to stream their favorite movies, TV shows and channels free of charge. Many visitors of this application are not sure whether visiting the site is illegal. Since it is an open source application, any content can be posted by anyone, whether legal or illegal. Therefore if you need to visit this site, then you need a VPN to avoid security problems. AVPN will help you connect to Kodi servers through an encrypted server. Here are a few reasons why you need to use a VPN while visiting Kodi – e.g. ExpressVPN on Kodi.

1. You Won’t Have Problems with Your ISP

As seen above, streaming on Kodi is not an appropriate choice as not everything on the site is legal. This can land you into problems with authority for violating and viewing copyright laws in your country. A VPN, therefore, will be of importance if you are looking to stream shows that you are not sure whether they are illegal, thereby protecting you from landing into problems with the authority and your ISP. Since your data is encrypted, it makes it difficult for the ISP to monitor what you are doing over the internet.

2. Viewing over Public Wi-Fi ls Safer

Since you have encrypted the data you are inputting into your device via a VPN, hackers no longer have access to this information. This means that you can watch your favorites movies and TV shows from anywhere regardless of the ISP you are using since your IP address is untraceable.

3. You Can Easily Bypass Internet Censorship

In most cases, Kodi servers are geo-blocked meaning they are only accessible in selected countries. By using a VPN, you can choose to stream with servers of a specific state that have access to these servers. The servers will think you are streaming from these countries and will grant you access to the content accordingly.

4. You Have The Privilege To Access New Releases First.

A VPN will help you get new releases earlier than everyone. For example, if a new movie has been released in the US on a particular day, you can set your VPN to connect to servers in a particular country in Asia, and you can easily watch the movie earlier than the rest, possibly a day earlier.

5. The Use of A VPN ls Legal

Using a VPN in the US and many other countries is entirely legal. The act of using a different IP is allowed by law in many countries and is used by even the biggest companies in the world. Therefore if you are looking into streaming on Kodi and what you are streaming appears illegal, use a VPN. Since VPNs are allowed, you can surf over Kodi servers privately without anyone watching over what you are doing.


You should use a VPN while streaming on Kodi if you want to protect yourself and your data. Not all contents prided on Kodi is legal, and you might accidentally view illegally uploaded contents which might get you into trouble. VPN services allow browsing anonymously, therefore, keeping you safe from hackers and the ISP. It is even more possible to check out more channels that are restricted in your country.

What is a Beard Trimmer

It is true that men do not spend as much time grooming themselves as women. But that does not mean they should let themselves go. Looking presentable is important for both men and women. This is why it is just as important for men to have grooming kit on their part of the bathroom.

The most common form of grooming in men involves the constant removal of head and facial hair/beard. To do this they use what is known as a body or beard trimmer like

To better appreciate what this tool can do, it is first important to understand what it is. This piece of information is valuable as it will make it easier for prospect buyers to identify this tool.

== Description ==

It is an electronic device with either a power cord or none. In terms of weight, most of them weigh less than 10 ounces with an average length of 8 inches. They come in many colors and design all depending on the manufacturer specifications.

Other features to note on this device are:

* Power button

* Cutting Mechanism/ Blades

The power button is used to switch the trimmer on and off when it is being used. The adjustable blades are the ones that do the cutting and trimming. They are most commonly identified by their metallic silver color.

== How to use the trimmer ==

A beard trimmer is used primarily to remove hair (shave). You can use it to remove facial hair/ beard, armpit, head and body hair including pubic hair.

Other than removing the hair completely, you can use it to create different styles on your head such as a maw hawk. You can also make fancy beard creations such as a goatee or imperial beard.

== Benefits of using a trimmer ==

Because it has got adjustable blades, you can adjust the growth of your beard or head hair. Not all men like bald heads. With this smart feature you can move the device all over your head without removing all the hair.

Some trimmers are so compact that you can use them to cut hair inside your nostrils and ears including trimming your eyebrows without harming yourself.

Their portable size is also another great feature. This means you can use them almost anywhere you go. In the event that you could not get a morning trim because you were running late, if you get some free time at work you can go to the bathroom for a quick cut.

== Drawbacks of Using a Trimmer ==

The thickness and design of the trimmer blades are only able to cut the hair at a certain length. Not to say they will fail to remove it completely. This only means you will have to turn the trimmer around and shave the whole area for the second time. This means you will most likely take longer to completely remove hair.

This grooming tool seems like a valuable thing to have in your inventory. It can save you time and money and leave you looking presentable every time. It is true than men do not spend as much time as women grooming themselves. That does not mean it is not as important to them.

Changing your address online

An address can be sometimes called a location or a place. Most people and their places of residence or work are determined by their addresses.A number of people might have an interest in changing their location and this leads to change their addresses.

Many people have stressed themselves on how they can change their addresses online and they have looked at possible ways of changing their location thus addresses and found no clue about it.

Don’t worry I’ll provide a free website where you can move your addresses to wherever you’ll go as your destination, place of work or your home.You can click on the link to see how it is easy to change your address online without any struggle at

The above link is for USA residence and I believe it will help a number of people who have already lost hope in changing their home and work addresseslf you open the link above you’ll notice that there are three forms to be filled.


Under move details, you can either select permanent or temporary move.if you select:

i) Permanently-It indicates that you have no plans of going back to your old address hence new address will be issued to you which will be permanent.The permanent address is better for that individual who has already decided to make his or her place of residence as permanent as they want it to be.

ii) Temporary-It indicates that you had no plan of retaining the address selected for more than six months.lf you are a business person who only travels to do their business and back to their original place of residence, its advisable to select temporary one.


Under address details form there are places to be filled.

i)Old address-It has spaces to be filled with street name, the name of your city, state, ZIP, and phonenumber.The old address is now the address to be changed to the new address.

ii)New address-It has spaces to be filled with street name, the name of your city, state, ZIP, and phone number.The new address that you’ll obtain can either be permanent or temporary has been indicated in the first form.


It contains places to be filled where there is a place for the name where you have to insert all your full names and email address.

Furthermore, there’s a place where you have to mark whether you will be renting or owning the chosen place of residence or place of work.

By agreeing to their terms and conditions, and privacy policy of the above site you can now submit the application online to be confirmed and thus the report for the confirmation will be sent via your email address. In conclusion, anyone willing to change their addresses is free and able to change their address online and I hope there is more than one site that changes addresses.

The above words guide you on how you can change the address online via the site is well-guided sites to its client and easy to change your address effectively easy.

Your business might just need better SEO to succeed

These days, relatively every business is making it’s online nearness. Search engine optimization takes a shot at an exceptionally basic calculation – More introduction, better permeability. In the same way as other entrepreneurs, you may likewise be incredulous about the advantages of having a site for your business or presumably, you feel that you are very little into PCs thus should not be your clients. Give us a chance to reveal to you that it’s a major misguided judgment. In this progressively developing, individuals get a kick out of the chance to approach things on tips. Before taking off to you face to face, they incline toward the web. They like to know your business more on the web and after that think about going to you, just like the procedure of

Here are 5 vital reasons that show why your business needs SEO to succeed

1. Accomplish Greater Visibility

Today, a larger part of individuals utilize the web to scan for the items they’re searching for. IF you have a site, it diminishes half of your endeavors to pick up validity for your business. It makes it critical to enroll your business on the web and have a professionally created site to feature your items and administrations to the shoppers.

2. Adaptability to Target Wider Market

You have to ensure that your site is SEO amicable and your business is recorded in a few registries on the web. An eCommerce site is an ideal approach to pitch your item to the more extensive target gathering of people.

3. Give Detailed Insight into Your Business

Giving point by point data to your clients requires time; be it correspondence via telephone, email, or face to face. If you have a site up and running, you have the adaptability to exhibit your work utilizing the web indexes. Your work will be effortlessly accessible to your clients on the web. You can likewise utilize portfolio, picture display, tributes, and so on to give knowledge to clients about your items and administrations. Web-based promoting is the ideal approach to exhibit the advantages and uniqueness of your business.

4. Practical Investment

Having a site and nearness in online professional references is certainly a financially savvy speculation. There are a considerable measure of things that influence your business to become effortlessly utilizing on the web administrations, for example, better internet searcher positioning, suggestive customer audits, and a more extensive target group of onlookers and that too just by utilizing much moderate natural SEO procedures. Not just that, it makes it less demanding for you to viably speak with your clients.

5. Be In Competition and Develop your Brand

The principal rationale of each business is to succeed and make its own particular character, be a brand. Be that as it may, being a piece of the opposition is similarly critical. You can’t release your rivals ahead simply because they were the piece of web promoting and you were most certainly not. Examine what your group of onlookers needs and afterward fabricate your image with consistency.

Subsequently, your business certainly needs an expert site with a solid online nearness and SEO based substance. For every one of these necessities, you can employ a Digital Marketing organization or a distinct individual who is now taking Digital Marketing preparing and skill to develop your online business effectively.