Custom Millwork For Your Projects

Get ready to learn ALL about engineering in our architectural millwork solutions workshop!

RJ Millwork Solutions provides design and engineering services for custom carpentry projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We offer to contractors, builders, architects, interior designers, restoration specialists and owners of wooden doors, entry doors, French doors, closets, wall panels, slot machines, etc. The RJ Millwork experts have the possibility of carrying out a project from the first budgetary phase to the delivery of our finished product with particular attention to profitability and quality standards.

Customer service commitment.

Our goal is to build a regular relationship with our customers, where our prices reflect their expectations. Our commitment to customer service is reflected in our drive to meet your needs and deliver a well-designed product in a timely fashion.

Wooden doors for internal and external projects.

Our carpentry produces architectural workshops, wooden frames, solid wood doors, French doors, entrances and entrances. All of our doors can be built to your specifications.

Your one stop shop for architectural carpentry.

With the latest architecture technology combined with manual design services, RJ Millwork can offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. We specialize in your unique special wardrobe! We offer architectural design and design services for all custom woodwork. Our commitment to quality and precision is reflected in all the parts we make and allows us to turn your original ideas and projects into reality.

• Our clients


• General contractor

• interior design

• owner

• Consultant in history restoration.

• Kitchen and bathroom dealers.

• Manufacturer of workshop accessories.

Custom cabinets

30 years of experience in custom furniture.

Our architectural design team can work with your plans or allow us to design and propose your next project with custom cabinets. Our custom cabinets include virtually all hardwoods. From contemporary design to traditional design, the professionals at RJ Millwork Solutions offer many decorative options and a wide range of sizes and models.

Custom carpentry

From department stores to interior doors and French doors to custom kitchens, cabinets and shelves, RJ Millwork specialists bring your ideas to life! Close cooperation with architects, builders and interior designers guarantees exceptional results!

Wooden doors

Designed for outdoors and indoors.

Why wooden doors from RJ Millwork Solutions?

Our front doors and interior wooden doors give your home the beauty, security and durability you need. We can design and build your main entrance. Custom wood exterior doors can be designed to meet your specifications and requirements.

Many options with an RJ Millwork connection

May contain sides and mirrors. Choose the number of panels (wood or glass). The entire glass is hardened and insulated, of truly divided construction. Our unique two-part window sill design provides a tight seal at the bottom of the door. We have selected the best kiln-dried wood. Mahogany, white oak and Spanish cedar doors are the most weather resistant wooden doors. High quality lacquered doors are also available.

Doors can be curtains, including posts, hinges, locks and weather protection. At RJ Millwork, there are no dimensional restrictions for interior wooden doors and front entry doors. We can build a door to accommodate openings of any size. Don’t forget to take a look at our French door styles.

  • Wooden frame
  • Frame, base, box,
  • Wood shapes and finishes

Wooden frames complement your wooden projects. Our designers can choose from over 3000 internal wooden frames. We update and expand our selection every day. We have the latest technologies and traditional knowledge to allow us to combine your existing wood, build custom wooden frames and cut them to fit your projects or architectural requirements.

Wooden frame

Start with fine woods. We offer a wide range of woods and species to ensure the color and consistency of our product range. Choose from our wide selection of hardwood. Combine two or three images to achieve the desired effect. Crown bands in particular are an easy way to decorate any room. The possibilities for our wooden frames are almost limitless.

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Custom kitchen designs.
  • Designed with style and taste.

RJ Millwork Solutions offers kitchen design services! There are many options in custom kitchens and kitchen cabinets. Cabinet doors can be as simple or elegant as a large radius hinged door. Frames, glasses or applied quantities can complete your kitchen furniture! All of our kitchen furniture designs have a unique appearance and unmatched quality.

The construction of our cabinets.

We use assembly techniques and wood carvings to build the strongest cabinets. The columns and rails of the framed cupboards are made of solid wood. Wood is suitable for kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets made of maple, oak, pine and cherry are our most popular options, but it’s just a matter of preference and taste that you choose.